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cocktail glasses

media arts lab holiday party

A company holiday party can be tricky… especially for very creative employees like those working for this very cool and  famous advertising agency! we decided to use a sound stage and turn it into a great dance CLUB but not any dance club… the MAL club.

The long hallway that leaded to the main stage was transformed into a black corridor. Light were coming only from blue neon tubes rigged on each side. We placed people in black behind the black curtains and only their arms will stick out. they were wearing LED gloves. As guests walked by to enter the space, they will be gently touched by those arms and hands and will be handed cocktails in LED martini glasses.

We built a cool MAL Club neon sign to mark the entrance of the club.

In the middle of the room, a 16ft LED circular bar and a giant disco ball.

To entertain the guests: Try a tattoo and Photo booth.

To feed them: Taco truck and Crepes station set outside.

And we made a special “ice Lounge” to remind people of the Holiday season. 8ft Ice bar, video screen with epic Arctic landscape, LED cubes, vodka snow cones station, fog machine, …

The cool dudes of “Capital Cities” put on a terrific concert, ended with a confettis spay!

Photography by Louis Delavenne @revolutionpix


5th annual GoGo gala 2012 – Montage Beverly Hills

this year was special… for the 5th year, Go Campaign board members wanted something different, more meaningful. We chose “deserts of the Earth” for the theme of the event.

The gala took place at the Marquesa ballroom of the Montage Beverly hills. We draped the whole ballroom with 6,000ft of black burlap to replicate the” bedoin” tent in the Sahara desert. (thanks to FXpert /John Frazier)

2 giant video screens were our windows out to the desert. Video of camels walking in the deserts, sand storm, peaceful dunes landscapes played during the evening.

But to start, we had a couple of surprises that were awaiting the guests… a giant fake camel with a beautiful dancer dressed up was seating on top. A drum player (Joel VirgeL) was singing accoustic arabic songs, 4 girls dressed in “touareg” were passing by to wash people’s hands with rose water and the bumbys were writing “honest and fair” appraisal of people appearances…

A bit before entering the ballroom, we launched a beautiful duet of dancers performing among the crowd! (choreography by Sarah Elgart)

Photography by Clara McGregor

clients shoes and clothes to be swapped

swap night out at Heist

Heist is one of the trendiest boutique on Abbot Kinney, Venice.

The store owner wanted to create a fun “girls night” where the ladies will enjoy themselves swapping clothes from their own closet.

We re-arranged the store to make room for the clients’s clothes and to give it a more intimate/party look. We offered delicious home made cocktails and appetizers for the ladies to enjoy thru the evening.

Photography by Peggy North

Easter kid lemonade

a “rock an roll” easter party

When the biggest French rock star couple – Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday –   ask you to help them design an Easter party, you know it won’t look anything like a traditional Easter party.

We decided to greet the guests with a fabulous 70ft Hot pink carpet. At the entrance, 2 beautiful peacocks handled by the famous animal trainer for movies – Mathilde de Cagny (“Hugo”, “We bought a zoo”, “Marley and me”, etc…). We created a hallway of sculpture balloons in the same color tones than the carpet and placed the easter baskets filled with little surprises in between.

The kids and adults buffets had the Easter freshness and color flavors. “Let’s be frank” came with his  hot dogs cart so did “Nice cream” (Abbot kinney)  with his ice cream cart. Food and cocktails provided by Food and Lab.

Karina, preferred make up artist of the Soho House, tattooed and painted everybody. We surprised the kids with real baby bunnies. We also had art and crafts and stand of fresh flowers head crowns to entertain the kids and of course the Easter hunt with Giant eggs filled with chocolate bunnies!

This party was all about sharing the fun, happiness and LOVE.

Photography by Laeticia Hallyday

Disco ball

a very special moroccan disco party

The first instinct/desire of the client was to celebrate her birthday “roller skating”. Her issue was, she was unsure how her friends would feel about going to a roller skate rink… she wanted to celebrate in a “Moroccan lounge mood“, disco and dancing with a Grace Jones and Sergio Mendez touch.

We created the entrance with an “Jean-Paul Goude army” of Grace jones mannequins in a neon lighting (including glow in the dark cocktails and La vie en rose by GJ playing). Cocktail area was cozy with a bar set under a traditional Moroccan tent. Henna artist and fortune teller to entertain the guests. 5 amazing Flamenco dancers showed up and performed the way you’ve seen in the movie MI 2, very sensual and powerful.

When it was time, we opened the dinner tent to the guests… we designed it to be Moroccan with a disco feeling, replacing the lanterns by huge disco balls and keeping the color in purple, blue and orange. Glassware and flatware were vintage. A Sergio Mendez band was playing during the dinner.

When dinner was almost over, we opened the side of the tent, revealing that the pool have been transformed into a roller skating rink. 4 roller dancers performed a show on a disco music. We had a roller skates booth with vintage pink and green suede roller skates available for the guests.

Big screen with Saturday night fever playing and disco music!

Food and beverages were provided by Gjelina.

Photography by Clara McGregor and Louis Delavenne

Cowboy flowers

the Kennedy’s cowboy party

They live in a Eucalyptus forest close by Sunset boulevard. Their life is somehow already in the far West… For his birthday, he wanted his friends to celebrate in a John Wayne way…

A giant Moose head was greeting the guests in the entrance of the house as well as an Indian statue nicely light.

On the deck, we decorated with hay bayles (made out of “rafia” because too many were allergic  of hay) and cool Western props. Simple flowers in the red and yellow colors.

Big screen in the living room with an old cowboy movie playing that we could see from inside or outside.

We turned an outhouse into a photo booth with a polaroid camera. A big piece of Burlap was hanging from the hall to pin all the photos of the party.

.Photography by Peggy North